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Shumen Hotels

Accommodation and Restaurant in Bulgaria,
"Rimini Club"

For reservation or questions about our services, please contact us

HRc-Shumen, is the most valued structure you may find in the town, for your short or long stay. We offer personalized rooms: from a one night Luxury Apartment, Junior and Family Suites to standard cheaper and economic Single and Double Rooms with a free parking spot and full breakfast included on the price of the rooms for all guests lodged in hotel.

Tree different type of Restaurants are available for your reservation: Italian restaurant, Wine Taverna and Bulgarian Mehana

Special prices and condition can be negotiated in advance for a long stay or multiple rooms booked on the year, for convention or private party in the restaurants, with private persons, institutional authorities, publics or private companies.

(call +359886266270 Italian/French/English/Korean--- +359888266553 Bulgarian/Turkish/Russian)


We pay huge commissions ( 15% on regular invoice ) to Travel Agency and accredited Tour Operators who want to work with us.


Just contact us telling your accommodation needs. We will offer a reservation for you in the most comfortable room or restaurants at our best price.


Telephone Number: +359 54 976 423
+359 54 969 989
Fax: +359 54 977 844
Email: mail me at
skype: RiminiClub Skype Me™!RiminiClub
Haralan Angelov 2, 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria

GPS   43.2737268 - 26.9241967

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